Friday, April 17, 2015

Outfit | Fun details

outfit, mint floral top, black high waisted skinny jeans jeggings, H&M black blazer, h&m black jeggings, pink faux fur bag clutch, chloe ankle boots

Hello my lovely readers, happy Friday!!!
You know how I was telling you about how we celebrated Easter on Sunday, well this is what I was wearing that day. I wanted to be fun and colorful bunny, ha ha, just kidding. I just wanted to wear some bright happy colors, so this mint top was perfect. I don't know if you remember it but I got it on my vacation when we went to Bulgaria last year. I thought it was a perfect time to rock my pink fury clutch that lovely Ivana made for me, but honestly it was kinda mistake cause wearing black with something fury leaves you with lint all over the place ;) all the things we do for fashion, ha ha. 
So it was quite a busy Sunday for my hubby and I. First we went to my father's house for lunch, then we went to my hubbies parents house to spend some time with them, and after it to my brother's house for a dinner, carrying eggs all day ;) But it was fun, I love spending time with family!
Wishing you a lovely weekend...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Outfit | Denim and stripes

outfit, black and white stripes maxi skirt, black crop top, grey denim jacket, deichmann white sneakers, styling maxi skirt and crop top

Hey lovely people!!!
I don't know about you but when ever weather changes my head just feels like it's gonna explode ;) It was sunny and lovely for a few days and then it started to rain and I could feel that transition in my head, cause the moment it started raining I felt a relief... Does this happen to you?! I think I'm to sensitive sometimes.
My outfit was easy breezy like the day! Striped maxi skirt from Bershka with a black crop top from Terranova and grey denim cropped jacket from Terranova also. I really like wearing crop tops with maxi skirts or over maxi dresses, it's just so comfortable yet chic. In these photos my skirt looks a little bit psychedelic when you look at it long enough, ha ha ha.
Stay fab loves!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Outfit | Olive green

outfit, military jacket, white t-shirt, distressed high waisted denim shorts, layered necklaces, chloe ankle boots, tally weijl boots

Happy Monday!!!
New day, new week, new hopes. Well I do have some hopes and wishes that I would love them to come true, but I'm not gonna get into details and bore you with my life... It's so much easier to put a smile on my face and think about today. That's why we gonna move on to the outfit of the day ;) Nothing makes me more exited then a spring weather and sun shining on my face! It felt like a proper spring today, so shorts are no longer waiting in my closet. This denim shorts that I'm wearing I got from e bay, it's distressed and high waisted just like I wanted it. It's a bit loose on me, so I can wear it on my hips, like today, or add a belt and wear it on my waist, I'm so glad it's versatile that way. You gonna be seeing it a lot. I pared it with a basic white t-shirt that I recently bought in New Yorker from a men's section again :) I did added a jacket just to be safe if it gets colder. This jacket is from C&A and it's such a statement piece in my wardrobe.
Wishing you a blessed week...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Outfit | Stripes are always in

outfit, black and white pants, striped high waist pants, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, tally weijl boots

Happy Sunday!!!
Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates!!! Well if you follow me for a while now you know already that in my family we celebrate catholic and orthodox Easter and Christmas and everything ;) well it has always been like that in my family so I don't know a different way except celebrating everything twice ;) We are going to have a family lunch and dinner today at my parents and my hubbies parents house.
For now I'm leaving you with these photos of the look that we took earlier this week when the weather was just lovely. These high waist striped pants are so comfy and kinda chic and being black and white they go with so many things from my closet.
Have a lovely Sunday and I'll talk to you on Monday!!! ;)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Outfit | Tan and leopard

outfit, leopard print turtleneck top, Tan pants, black flats with flower, black cardigan

Yay for casual Friday! ;)
Well actually I'm casual most of the time ;) usually in flats or sneakers and in pants, jeans or shorts. Now that I think about it I'm not much of a dress kind a girl, well I do love them and wear them occasionally but I always prefer something that allows me to move freely :) Yeah I know that's not much lady like of me but I will try to experiment a lot more with my style for sure, I always do!!!
Today I'm styling leopard print turtleneck from Terranova with these tan pants that I got from Jennyfer when I went to Paris. I thought that adding these lovely flats with a flower on them will make whole look more feminine. Hope you like how these colors match!
Have a great weekend people!!!