Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outfit | Oversized denim shirt - part 1

outfit, oversized denim shirt, over the knee boots, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, leopard print clutch bag

Hey guys! How are you all!?
I went thrifting the other day, I was not planning to I was just bored ;) So like it always happens, you find what you are looking for when you least expect. That's exactly what happened, I was looking for a oversized denim shirt for a long time and I just couldn't find it, and then I went thrifting and found a perfect one. It's actually men's shirt in a size S, so it was perfectly oversized for me. 
I decided to challenge myself and try to style it in a couple of different ways. So I'm gonna be showing you three different ways to style one denim shirt!!!
In a first outfit I'm wearing denim shirt as a dress with over the knee boots and black faux leather jacket, I think it's a simple way to style it but still effective!!!
Stay tuned guys... ;)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Outfit | Spring

outfit, floral overall, floral jumpsuit, black faux leather jacket, tally weijl boots, spring look

Hey guys!!! I hope your week was amazing!!! I had so much fun, went on a nieces b-day, actually I spent two days with them, caught a cold from them ;) and since it was a lovely weather went for a stroll with my hubby!!! I think it was a well spent long weekend :)
As for my look, well spring is finally here so spring bright colors are in, yay!!! Wearing a jumpsuit that I got few years back in Paris with my trusty faux leather jacket and ankle boots from Tally Weijl.
It was so warm and sunny that I felt refreshed and energized despite of my cold :)
Wishing you a fab week ahead!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Outfit | Lets go for a walk

outfit, nike free run black and pink,, white coat, choies coat, floral scarf, tally weijl floral print oversize scarf

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!!
Are you looking forward to a weekend!? I'm actually going to my nieces b-day party, they celebrate it on a same day cause they were born on a same day with three years apart ;) talking about coincidence right!!! I still gonna try and make the most of my weekend, go for a long walk like we always do, at least for and hour or two. I dare you too, go out, go for a walk in a park or somewhere else where you like, bread some fresh air, soak up the sun, I promise you'll feel relaxed and refreshed!!! ;)
This outfit is my kind of a day off, relaxing in nature, walking and just enjoying the moment!!! Of course I gotta have my Nike free run, most comfortable sneakers I ever bought!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Outfit | All black with a pop

outfit, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, black statement earrings with tassels, black faux leather leggings, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, all black outfit look

Hey you!
Here I'm, this week's goal for me is styling everything I got and bought recently for my b-day. In a last post a styled a lovely colorful sweater, today I'm styling this lovely cross body bag in color orange from Parfois. If you wanna know where to find this bag go to my previous post here - mini birthday haul. Since the bag is in a bright color I wanted it to stand out, so I kept everything else black. That's actually how I usually style pieces, I like having one central piece ;) Maybe it's just my thing I don't know ;) I'm also into earrings lately, if you haven't noticed, and not any earrings but big statement ones. These I found in a local store but I've seen them everywhere, it's so trendy right now to wear big statement earrings with tassels, so I accept this trend with pleasure cause that's totally my thing along with statement necklaces.
Well hope you like this little pop of color look!
Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Outfit | Colorful

outfit, white sweater, colorful sweater, pin striped sweater, DIY lace trim skirt, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, black faux fur clutch bag, white gemstone statement earrings

Hey guys !!! Happy Monday!
I don't know where the weekend went. I was all over the place, spending time with family, hanging out with some friends, being with my hubby, time just flu by!!! As you can see I'm styling my new colorful sweater that I got for my b-day and we took these photos with our new camera, finally ;) Well we do need to practice a little bit cause of the lighting and everything but I think they turned out pretty well being our first time using Nikon D3200 camera
Cause the sweater is so bright and colorful I wanted everything else to be black, well except the earrings. These lovely earrings I got from, and you can find them right here - white gemstone drop earrings. Anyway I think I'm gonna be wearing this sweater a lot, casually, sporty, chic... ;)
Have a lovely week!